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8 benefits of Practising Yoga in Nature

8 benefits of Practising Yoga in Nature

Practising yoga in a natural environment has several benefits to the practitioner. There are many associations between nature, healing, and increased relaxation, which can be achieved by practising yoga outside. This blog post will discuss eight benefits that come from incorporating it into your next session!

1. It's Free: The price of yoga classes can be high - and sometimes out of reach for those who want to try it but don't have the means. Yoga in nature, however, is entirely free! It doesn't matter where you are - there is always a secluded spot to practice it outside. Even if you don't have a mat, the ground will support your body while protecting your joints from injury!

2. Accessibility: Incorporating nature into your session is a great way to make it accessible for those with disabilities or injuries. If you cannot stand, there are several ways that you can practice from the ground!

3. You Can Do It Anywhere: Yoga in nature is the perfect way to make your practice more mobile. If you are travelling, camping with friends, or hiking through a new city, yoga outside will help keep up your strength and flexibility!

4. It's Relaxing: There are few things more relaxing than the sounds of nature. The birds singing, wind rustling through leaves, and water flowing over rocks can help you find your centre in a new way! Utilizing these natural elements when practising yoga allows you to take advantage of this calmness for increased relaxation during your pose session.

5. It's Grounding: Our lives are constantly moving - whether that be at a fast pace or within our minds. Yoga in natural surroundings helps to ground you back into the present moment through focusing on your breath and holding slow poses! This can help clear your mind so you can come out of each session feeling refreshed rather than stressed by life outside.

6. It's Calming: Yoga in nature is a fantastic way to connect with your surroundings. The sight, smell, and sounds can help slow you down to clear out the mental clutter from daily life! Breathing in the fresh air, feeling the warmth of the sun on your skin, and seeing all that life has to offer you can help bring out a sense of peace in even the most hectic day.

7. It's Rejuvenating: We all need a little time to relax and recharge - especially after a busy day! Practising yoga outside is the perfect way to unplug from our devices, re-connect with ourselves or listen to nature without any distractions. Fitness in nature allows you to feel rejuvenated uniquely - so much so that it can even help you sleep better at night!

8. No Excuse Not To Go: There are so many benefits of practising yoga in nature - regardless of your surroundings or schedule. You can find somewhere new each time you practice, create a routine for yourself and never have an excuse about the weather again!

All it takes is some bare feet on damp grass, fresh air in your lungs, and leaves beneath your palms to start feeling better than ever!