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How Science has Proved Yoga to be Good For Your Body and Brain

How Science has Proved Yoga to be Good For Your Body and Brain

In recent years, Yoga has become one of the most popular exercises, and to some, it is more of a lifestyle. Science has proven yoga has both physical and mental advantages to people of all ages. With regular practice, you can reap many benefits from this practice. This article will discuss the scientifically proven benefits of yoga to your body and brain health.

Improves Your Muscles

One of the most apparent Yoga benefits is improving flexibility. This exercise involves coordinated movement and deep breathing. Slow and well-coordinated movements warm up your muscles, enabling them to withstand pressure as well as building strength. According to science, these stretching manoeuvres realign your nervous system and allow your body to stretch beyond its normal position.

Improves Your Heart’s Health

Science also supports the benefits of yoga on the health of your heart. This exercise has been shown to activate the parasympathetic nervous system positioned in the heart. This part is heavily involved in general muscle relaxation hence reducing stress levels. In addition, yoga has been proven to reduce general body inflammation, thus contributing to a healthy heart. Moreover, it lowers cholesterol levels in your body and regulates blood pressure, thus reducing heart-related problems.

Improves Lung Function

Another Yoga benefit is improving the functioning of the lungs. This exercise involves controlled breathing, which helps to control your heartbeat and expand your lung airways. People who suffer from respiratory diseases may have constricted lung pathways, affecting the general oxygen uptake in the body. Regulated breathing relaxes lung muscles and thus improves oxygen delivery into your body. Science has also proven that this practice also increases your lung’s vital capacity.

Boosting Brain Performance

For years yoga has been hailed for its benefits to the body. However, science has proven that this practice improves your brain and boosts its performance. It has been shown to have the same effect as aerobic exercise on the body and brain. People who regularly do this exercise showed to have more grey matter than their counterparts who didn’t. This helps in better mental functioning, primarily in the aging group. In addition, the grey matter has been linked to intelligence, and thus, those who have it in high concentration are known to be more productive in all their endeavours. Moreover, this practice has been proven to be a powerful antidepressant. It helps to decrease the amount of cortisol hormone, which is associated with depression. This benefit improves the brain and boosts its performance.