Vegan ecofriendly yoga products to support your practice everyday

What does sustainability mean at Yogasuthra?

Sustainability is a cry from civilisation to ensure that we protect our planet for the long term. It is a one of it's kind. Making sure our only habitat is habitable means some serious changes in the way humanity is treating itself and the planet, and part of that conversation is making concerted decisions in purchasing and utilising materials which are non-toxic and can be naturally regenerated. There is only so much which we can take from the earth before we make ourselves and her sick.


This is why at Yogasuthra we are making those actionable decisions to not make more crap to fill up landfill, and to produce products which will naturally dissipate after their useful time in a non-toxic way.


Our cork yoga mats and cork yoga blocks and organic cotton yoga straps all meet this brief, and our yoga backpack is made with materials which can be recycled at end of life. Our goal is to provide better sustainable technology into our products as we mature, however we are endeavouring to start on a great footing bringing a new integrity to yoga and pilates equipment.


We are also partnering with businesses which share the same sustainability philosophy. For example, we have actively chosen Sendle as our delivery partner as they are a carbon-neutral business which is incrementally switching its delivery fleet to solar powered electric vehicles. Our Yogasuthra car is also 100% solar powered electric - we are based in Brisbane, Queensland afterall.. no excuses being in the sunshine state! :)


Our packaging will be supplied by both the Zero Waste Company and The Better Packaging Company with bio-degradable, compostable bubble wrap and mailers.


The branded wrappers for our cork yoga mats and cork yoga blocks are all FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) accredited suppliers, as well as the cork yoga mats themselves. Our organic cotton straps are from Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) accredited suppliers.


As you can see we are treating the entire value chain of our business as a sustainable enterprise, and we will be improving as we go into the future.


We look forward to you being on the journey with us :)


Kind regards




Company Director and Chief Designer