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cork yoga block yoga supplier
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cork yoga block yoga supplier

Cork Yoga Block

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Non-toxic, biodegradable and recyclable natural cork yoga block to support you in your yoga practice. The block has a soft finish and is comfortable to the touch which makes it perfect for supporting your neck for extended yin poses, or more powerful inversions. With a fine texture, the block absorbs moisture and has anti-microbial properties so it doesn't get smelly from a sweaty hot yoga practice.

Made from 100% recyclable natural material.

Product dimensions: 220mm x 14mm x 70mm



Support Body and Environment with Our Eco Friendly Yoga Blocks

Our eco-friendly yoga blocks will help you hold your postures better and support the environment at the same time. We also offer a range of other options if you want to start or add to your collection of yoga equipment. Trust Yogasuthra yoga supplier for reliable quality yoga and pilates equipment that helps you help the environment.

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